Blast through the bandwidth crunch. Addition of millions of mobile devices, explosion of M2M communications, and proliferation of Internet of Everything have driven the exponential growth of network traffic today. Operators and enterprises alike are suffering a tremendous crunch of bandwidth for their applications, resulting in poor customer experience and increased churn rates.

But relax! Apply CENTRI’s industry leading BitSmart solution and open the bandwidth bottleneck wide open!

And now CENTRI is setting a new bar for Cloud Optimization and Security with its New BitCloud Product:

BitCloud SDK 90-day Free Trial

Why choose CENTRI?

  • Network operators, deploy CENTRI’s BitSmart solution Operators to boost network efficiency rapidly, eliminate huge CAPEX spend on new infrastructures, turbocharge application performance, and raise security of application to the next level

  • SMBs and Enterprise businesses,, are you concerned about the performance, cost, and security of your applications running on cloud? Worry no more! CENTRI’s unique BitCloud solution for Cloud will optimize your Cloud connectivity, reduce application latency, and slash bandwidth and data transfer costs - try it free for 90 days: BitCloud SDK 90-day Free Trial.
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CENTRI's Connected Experience PlatformTM (CXP)

Network Optimization

CENTRI BitSmart Solution

BitSmart Click to download PDF on CENTRI BitSmart Solution

  • The only solution to offer one-pass compression and encryption so all data spanning the network is efficiently and securely delivered.
  • Data compression time: 12x’s faster than current industry standards.
  • Intelligently compresses and encrypts data at the byte level, increasing an operator’s network capacity by as much as 80%.
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Bandwidth Management

CENTRI SmartStream Network Solution

SmartStream Click to download PDF: CENTRI SmartStream Network Solution

  • Utilizes advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology to classify data traffic by application, protocol and metadata at network speeds.
  • Automatically detects available network capacity and dynamically allocates bandwidth to certain applications as needed
  • Applies intelligence at router: prioritizes bandwidth and give each application what it needs at any given time to ensure the best possible user experience.
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